Monday, May 27, 2013

Call-Your-Legislator Day Toolkit (repost)

Repost from Network for Public Education:  (with highlights from ShedLightNow)

Call-Your-Legislator Day Toolkit

One of the most powerful things we as citizens can do for public education is to pick up the phone and call our legislators (and then encourage our friends to do the same). 

In many states, the education budget and much of education policy, is set at the state level, which means it’s imperative that we engage with our state legislators. 

For those of us organizing grassroots public education advocates, that also means we have to help our volunteer parents, students, teachers, and concerned community members understand who is making critical decisions, what key legislation is pending that will affect our schools, and how we as individuals can influence the political process.

Many folks have never called their legislators before, or perhaps don’t know who they are. Others worry about what they should say or wonder if it’s really worth taking the time.

Here is a toolkit compiled by Yinzercation, the grassroots movement for public education in Southwest Pennsylvania, to organize your own Call-Your-Legislator Day and then get people motivated and ready to make those calls. 

This toolkit is designed to help you coordinate a state-level action, but you could easily adapt the ideas here to a call-in day aimed at local or federal legislators.

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