Monday, May 27, 2013

The bird is the word! (repost)

Repost from At the Chalk Face:  (with highlights from ShedLightNow)

The bird is the word!

In this episode of @the chalkface Radio, Shaun and I talk to CTU president Karen Lewis.  Enjoy:
However, we started the show by talking about actions WE can take to fight edreform.  Karen said something simple but powerful.  She suggested that instead of showing our disgust for the reformers and their vision of public schools by “quitting” teaching: Why not stay in the classroom?
First, this is not a shot at those powerful “I quit” videos and letters by teachers literally at the end of their professional rope.  No.  Your courage to lay out the conditions caused by edreformers in modern public school classrooms is commendable.  You have done a great service and we thank you for the time you gave the public system.
But, what if, as Karen said in the interview we took all the emotions and pent up anger and released it towards fighting the reformers.  Get angry and stay in the classroom.  Tell Broad, Walton, Gates, and Rhee your poison does not work here.
Staying in the classroom can be a big symbolic flip of the bird to all the reformers.
Someone has to say it!
I am a public school teacher. I work for the children and the parents and the community.  I REFUSE to quit!  

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